“It is not the ‘thing’ that disturbs one; rather, the dogmatic view that one takes of the ‘thing’.”

Epictetus (50 -120 AD)

Since 1955 this “Weltanschauung” has been the guiding philosophy and scientific paradigm behind Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). REBT is a short-term therapy, which uses various techniques to help clients learn to manage their emotional and psychological problems. REBT is the first cognitive behavior therapy and can be understood as a combination of psychoanalyses and behavior therapy. It is also the first so-called eclectic psychotherapy. REBT-Therapists are, therefore, not bound to only one method or technique. Therapy aims to help people feel better and, more importantly, to stay better. Therefore, clients learn, through active participation in therapy, how they can help themselves. Permanently.

In promoting REBT, we are advancing the understanding, usage and scientific basis of this effective and unique therapy. The general basis of REBT-thinking is that human beings are capable of controlling and adapting their emotional responses to life’s conditions. In other words, people can learn to live hassle free, despite hassles. REB-Therapy is capable of treating a variety of psychological illnesses. It has been extensively researched and is the best evidence based psychotherapy. Although REBT is 50 years old, it continues to develop and integrate new information and techniques. Because of this, REBT is always up-to-date. The motto: “short term therapy, long term effects”, is no boast.

Here is a short excerpt from an interview with Albert Ellis about REBT:

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