We are glad that you want to register for a workshop atLiREBT. In order to register, please complete the following form and remit the workshop's fees.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you!

Workshop fees

You can either transfer the workshop fees by bank transfer or by PayPal.

Iftransferringthe workshop fees, please use the following bankaccount:



IBAN: LU35 0019 2455 7546 3000

Please include the name that is given on theregistration form and the name of the workshop.

If you would prefer to use PayPal, just use the field below. No financial informationwhatsoeveris collected byLiREBT.

Workshop Payments

Registration, the fine print

Only after having received this completed form and the workshop fees have beenreceived, willyou be officially registered. Once you are officially registered, you will be notified via email. Withthat email you will receive any other pertinent information for the workshop.

Please note, that if the workshop-participant capacity does not reach the minimum level, it willbe rescheduled. You will be notified of a rescheduling one week prior to the set date. If this should happen, you may request that the fees be returned to you or wait until the next scheduled workshop.

This is a binding registration. A 100% refund is only available up to four weeks before thescheduled-workshop begins. After that deadline, a refund is only possible after having received a written-doctor‘s statement, stating that due to an illness (no diagnosis is required - nor wanted), you are not able to attend.

By completing this form and rendering the workshops fees, you agree to the conditions thereof.

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